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Friends of Autistic People

Annual Fundraiser

Judith Bresler, Brita Darany von Regensburg, Miss Raleigh, Marcie Trivette, Evelyne Bushari

Photographs: Christina Boers

Friends of Autistic People (FAP) held its annual fundraiser at the beautiful waterfront home of renowned artist Donald Axleroad. The event featured Greenwich comedian Jane Condon who kept the guests roaring with laughter. The keynote speaker was Autism Speaks executive vice president, Michael Rosen, who spoke touchingly about his grown son who has profound autism. Brita Darany von Regensburg, founder and president of FAP, spoke about her daughter who has classic autism and is nonverbal. Guests enjoyed wine and champagne supplied by Horseneck Wines and Liquors, while taking in the sunset from the wraparound terrace. Funds raised from the event will help build an organic Farm Academy for adults with autism, which will be a first in our area. autisticadults.org