April 2009

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Dynamic Duo: Movie Magic & Capital Insight

Dynamic Duo: Movie Magic & Capital Insight

Meet the second couple in our three-part series highlighting amazing couples and the work they do. Kevin Kimberlin and Joni Steele Kimberlin are taking on the world one company — and one movie — at a time.
Millionaire's Circle

Millionaire's Circle

Navigating the rocky waters of today’s economy is on everybody’s minds. Here, we take you behind the scenes of the exclusive investment group TIGER 21 and learn how its members are coping.

United is the Way to Go

The United Way is at the foundation of many of our service agencies here in Greenwich — from the Boys and Girls Club to the Red Cross to the YWCA. This year, we celebrate the organization’s seventy-five years of commitment to improving the lives of so many.

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