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Summer Hair Care

7 Ways to keep your hair looking its best this summer


As the days get longer and the summer sun gets hotter, it’s time to pay special attention to treating our tresses. Growing up on the beaches of New England, I always remember these tips my mother, Susan Costa, owner of Blue Moon Hair Studio in Rhode Island taught me for maintaining luscious locks all summer long:

  • When beaching it or sitting by the pool, add a deep conditioner or hair mask with SPF to help prevent tangles, as well as provide protection against sun damage, salt water or chlorine. The heat from the sun will help to open the hair cuticle so the moisture can penetrate more efficiently. To prevent frizz, considering adding a serum or natural plant based oil such as coconut, hemp, or avocado. Adding aloe vera is also beneficial for locking in moisture a creating a protective barrier.
  • If you’re finding your hair is the opposite of dry, and it’s getting oily from the humidity, use a touch of witch hazel on a cloth or cotton ball and blot your scalp along your part and around your hairline. Witch Hazel is a natural astringent that dissolves oil; just don’t use it too much or you may over-dry your hair!
  • Make sure to rinse your hair right after exposure in a lukewarm (not hot, not cold, but just right) shower. Consider installing a water filter on your shower head that softens the water; hard water contains a large amount of minerals that can leave hair feeling dry, brittle, lifeless and extremely knotty. When washing your hair after being in the ocean or in the sun all day, you want soft water that will help to eliminate any further UV damage and to wash away impurities (especially preventing the dreaded “green-head” for blondes!). With that being said, rinsing doesn’t always mean using a shampoo. In the summer, try as best as you can to cut back on your shampoo usage, allowing your scalps oil production to balance out. When you do a wash with shampoo, use a product specific for summertime that is all natural with no drying sulfates. When rinsing your hair, first give yourself a 30 second scalp massage to exfoliate and increase circulation promoting hair growth and removing product build up. Rinse hair with apple cider vinegar mixed with water to help clarify the scalp. Follow by applying conditioner midway through your hair all the way to the ends and comb through using a wide-tooth comb.
  • Cut split ends often, scheduling a trim every four to six weeks to maintain the health of your hair and the style. When I’m not able to head back to Rhode Island to visit Mom, I’ll head to Warren-Tricomi in Greenwich.
  • Keep hair in a loose braid when wanting to put it up—it doesn’t break the hair as much as other hair styles and keeps it under control and out of your way. Putting hair up in a high and tight updo can cause a lot of damage during the summer months, when hair tends to get even more frizzy and dry. Avoid elastic bands with metal seams.
  • Remember it is the summer, so going au-natural with sea inspired waves is on trend for the season. Save the straight hair or tight curls for other seasons and stay away from using heat styling tools such as a blow dryer, curling and flat iron. Also stay away from using large amounts of product, whether it’s sticky hairsprays or mousse.
  • If all else fails, opt for a cute hat or head scarf. Not only do they provide further UV protection, they also help the hair retain moisture and prevent from discoloration.
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