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My 5 Favorite Food Movies

5 movies that are all about food

photo - @Memphis Ahn/flickr

Ratatouille (2007)
This is by far my favorite animated film, and one of my favorite food films. Who ever knew that animated food could ever look so delicious? Plus, they were cheeky enough at Pixar to name one of the main characters Linguine, which I sort of enjoy.

Julie & Julia (2009)
Julie and Julia has a non-linear structure and flashes back and forth between Julia Child discovering her love for food in 1949 in Paris, and Julie Powell in 2002, who is cooking and blogging her way thorough Julie Child's book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. I'm always a fan of a true story, plus the fact that Meryl Streep plays Julia Child is especially delightful.

Food, Inc. (2009)
The documentary Food, Inc. shows the far less glamorous yet revealing side of the food industry in the United States. The film makes a successful attempt to challenge the practices of the food industry and to make viewers aware what and how they are eating. I think that any documentary that makes you seriously sit and think about what you just watched is doing something that is (hopefully) socially responsible and meaningful, and I found that Food, Inc. did just that.

Haute Cuisine (Les Saveurs du Palais) (2012)
Another film about French cuisine, this movie is about a woman's stint as the personal chef of the President of France and is available to stream instantly on Netflix. The movie is in French, but don't panic, there are subtitles. For some reason (don't ask why, I truly don't know) I feel just a little bit sophisticated watching a movie in French, even with the convenient help of subtitles. Plus, there's just something about watching sophisticated French food fly out of a kitchen that makes me especially happy.

Chef (2014)
Chef recently came out on May 9, and is about a Los Angeles fine-dining chef who decides to leave his job at a prominent restaurant, and winds up launching his own food truck. It's pretty funny, and I like that the film shows that delicious food doesn't have to be fussy or stuff. Indeed, some of the most wonderful dishes are, in fact, the most simplistic (There are, of course, other and more important themes in the film. This one was just one of my favorite takeaways)