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Tapas to try at Barcelona Wine Bar

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Problem: You are out to dinner and having issues deciding what you want to order. The menu is like a swirling inferno of utter confusion, and you are trapped in perpetual befuddlement. “Do I want chicken? No wait, but the fish looks good too. But dear God, I need a steak!” Solution: Have lots of little dinners by eating tapas! That way you can get a little taste of everything to satisfy that bout of confusion. So, the good news is we have solved the first dilemma.

But the second question is, where does one go to find a menagerie of delicious tapas just ready to be eaten? Why, Barcelona, of course! With six locations in Connecticut, and each location having a unique menu of delectable tapas to choose from, it is no wonder that Barcelona won Best Tapas for the Best of the Gold Coast this year. I ventured to the South Norwalk location for dinner recently, excitedly awaiting the opportunity to sample the wide rage of tapas available.

There were four of us at dinner, and we found that a relatively effective way to try several tapas was to order about half a dozen to share family style, rather than ordering two or three per person. This way everyone would be able to take a small sampling without being completely overwhelmed. So please, come join me as I take you through my most delightful tapas dining experience.

Barcelona wine bar south norwalk

Barcelona wine bar south norwalk
Can't start without bread, right?

Barcelona wine bar south norwalk