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The Schoolhouse at Cannondale

Everything is delicious at this farm-to-table eatery. Yep, everything.

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Pass over the train tracks of the Cannondale train station, just past the drudgery of fast-paced traffic and corporate structures toThe Schoolhouse at Cannondale enter a transmuted environment where The Schoolhouse at Cannondale is neatly situated. Surrounded by quaint mom-and-pop shops and the railroad station sitting just feet ahead. The Schoolhouse almost seems to be placed in a world of its own, the hustle and bustle of Route 7 suddenly dissipates and the sounds that were once cars and trucks whizzing by is replaced by the trickling sound of the chattering brook nearby.

Its outdoor area is dotted with pots of fresh herbs and vegetables, which helps to point out quite clearly the farm-to-table aspect of this restaurant that is not only engaging, but notable and admirable as well. I have come to The Schoolhouse at Cannondale during every season of the year and, guess what? If something isn’t in season, sorry Charlie, it probably won’t be on the menu. Want tomatoes on your burger in the dead of the Polar Vortex? Ain’t happening. This is one of the things, however, that I appreciate most about an eating experience at The Schoolhouse at Cannondale. You can be absolutely confident that everything you are eating is in season, fresh and grown close by.

The Schoolhouse at Cannondale

The Schoolhouse at CannondaleThe Schoolhouse at Cannondale

The Schoolhouse at Cannondale
My dining companions for the night. Introducing: beets.