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5 Books About Money

When it comes to money, there is much to be learned (and much of interest!).

If you hit the bookstores looking for financial advice, or just books about wealth itself, check out the following. There is much to be learned, and much of interest, in what these authors and subjects have to offer.

The Practical Drucker

Basically, William A. Cohen boils down the great management thinker’s concepts into digestible, pithy adages that seem to be batty, but have won big in the corporate world. Ahead of his time, Drucker anticipated most of what businesses assume as SOPs today. Well worth your time!

The Frackers

No—this book has nothing to do with Battlestar Gallactica. It’s all about shale and extracting oil and natural gas, and making billions out of the operation. To me, it sounds totally ludicrous to drill like this, and there has been much controversy regarding the practice, but Gregory Zuckerman’s book is about bang and buck—quite literally.

Jony Ive: The Genius Behind Apple’s Greatest Products

Honestly, everyone’s read the Steve Jobs bio (anyone who wants to do so, that is). Leander Kahney’s book is about the knight—um, literally—who designs the products you have in your bag, at home, or in hand. This is about how to make things, technically, but it’s inextricably linked, honestly, to dollars: Let’s not forget that Apple has more money in the kitty with Siri than the U.S. government.

Lean In: Woman, Work, And The Will To Lead

Sheryl Sandberg—you might know her from that famous TED Talk—probably makes the glass ceiling and corporate culture, from a female perspective, more relatable than anyone else out there. I’ll let the book do the rest of the talking, though, as, really, I’m a dude, and, seriously— what do I know (apart from what I learned in this book)? Hey, I recommend it over In My Shoes, though, for sure.

How To Fail At Almost Anything And Still Win Big

Dilbert author Scott Adams brings me (and many others) hope with this gem. After reading it, you’ll be leaning to one side, repeating over and over again: “I’m dying of truth!” Really, financial success stories such as his are the fonts of entrepreneurial vigor: Try, try, try again, and you will make it. Big.

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