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Books About Bookshops

Get lost in these 5 books like you would in an old bookshop


I must say that — as a man who enjoys books and bookshops — where there are tomes and people who love reading and writing, life is sweetest. However, I’ve never seen the TV series, Black Books, but then, have you read White Chappell, Scarlet Tracings? Watched 84 Charing Cross Road? Ever indulged in the booksy musings of Arturo Perez-Reverte or Umberto Eco? Hmmmm, think about checking them out this month, but first, try these shelflovers’ works, just as the holidays encroach, and you hurry to your own local bookshops!

The Bookshop

The ultima thule in quiet, quality fiction can be found in Penelope Fitzgerald’s superb novel about an older woman chancing it to open up a bookshop in an English village. Naturally, problems ensue (a ghost! AND some petty nastiness, especially), and thus, poor Florence Green, who only wanted to give the town the bookshop it needed—and let’s face it, folks, EVERY town needs a decent bookshop—kinda gets the shaft. Ugh.

A Novel Bookstore

Paris: Art and Literature—Culture, in a word, still hold sway. And yes, some people want to keep lowbrow lit outta their shops (this is the case in many places, no?). Thus, the plot of this fascinating work by Laurence Cosse: If you’ve ever wanted to open a bookshop exclusively devoted to “The Greats,” then maybe you ought to think twice after reading this…

The Bookstore

Deborah Meyer’s debut novel, I think, is a flawed gem, but one worth reading. The Owl (cool name for a bookstore!), is the setting for a fairly sentimental tale that at times comes close to being a tad treacly and twee. Nevertheless, don’t get this on your Kindle: Man or woman up with a hardback copy, people.

My Bookstore

This is a great gift book: Some four-score writers beam about the shops and places where they like to sniff around the tomes, sit and soak in a good read, and relax among the stacks. Can you go wrong? No, no, no—no way, no day, folks: There is no bad here where writerly musings abound.

Shelf Life

Another GREAT gift for booklovers, this anthology boasts tales that each features a bookstore in it. Harlan Ellison is probably the biggest name in the collection (apart from Neil Gaiman, whose introduction fronts the anthology), but this is a solid compilation of works of horror, science fiction and fantasy from a diverse set of authors.

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